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Carrols Corporation is proud to be a franchisee of Burger King Corporation. Carrols' excellent record in the restaurant industry, combined with the strength of the Burger King brand, offers prospective employees a rewarding career opportunity.

Burger King Restaurant

Burger King Corporation is the world's second largest quick-service hamburger chain, with over 11,100 restaurants operating in 65 countries and international territories around the world and in all 50 states. Worldwide restaurant sales are over $11.1 billion. Burger King Corporation is an innovative leader in today's competitive and growing quick service restaurant industry.

Carrols owns and operates over 700 Burger King restaurants in 16 states, and employs over 18,000 people.

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Our People

Carrols' success can be attributed to its people; people who are dedicated to providing outstanding service and quality food for its guests. Commercials and slogans can only say so much about a company. The real proof is in a visit to a restaurant. Are the people friendly? Is the service efficient? Does it seem like the people really care?

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The restaurant is only the beginning. A commitment to do the best job possible, regardless of the task, is evident throughout our organization. Advancement is possible in other companies, but at Carrols, our philosophy is "Promotion is a natural progression, not a chance happening." We offer real career opportunities. If you are motivated and want to test your potential, Carrols is the perfect place for you.

Career Path

When managing a million-plus dollar-a-year restaurant to satisfy all of our loyal guests, you will develop business disciplines in Accounting, Human Resources, Training, Marketing, Sales Building, and Cost Controls.

Manager Trainee

Learns the basics of restaurant management in a seven-week training program - Operations Procedures, Team Leadership, Legal Compliance, Daily Accounting, Computer Systems, and Sales Building.

Assistant Manager

Supervises various shifts, assists in recruiting and developing employees, implements daily administrative functions, and customer relations.

Assistant General Manager

Assists the Restaurant Manager in Human Resources, and Team Leadership - Additional Administrative Responsibilities, In-Store Marketing, and P&L Controls.

Restaurant General Manager

Direct P&L Responsibility, Develops and Directs Management and Crew Teams to achieve Restaurant Sales and Cost Control Objectives.

Phase 5 - Restaurant General Manager to District Manager
Phase 4 - Assistant Manager to Restaurant General Manager
Phase 2-3 - Team Leader to Assistant Manager
Phase 1 - Team Member to Team Leader

Whether you are new to our business or a seasoned professional, Carrols will deliver the training that you'll need to fulfill your career ambitions.

Our Team Members enter our workforce using state-of-the-art training and communications equipment and quickly learn how to prepare our foods and serve our Guests.

Those Team Members desiring more responsibility can advance in our Leadership programs becoming Team Leaders and Shift Managers.

If you want more, you will come under the guidance of our development team that includes Management Trainers, Classroom Courses, Cyber Training and just about everyone else. Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Education are all part of the plan.

But YOU are the main ingredient - you work hard, we'll teach you how to work smart and advance your career.

Why Carrols?

At Carrols Corporation, a job is never just a job. It's a career. Carrols' people know that working for one of the world's largest operators of Burger King restaurants provides them with a wealth of experience and skills, including:

Time Management-Dependability-Team Building
Responsibility-Customer Service-Self Confidence
Problem Solving-Motivation

The experience and skills employees gain at Carrols' Burger King restaurants can take them places: from team member to restaurant management...to middle management...to careers beyond. In fact, several people in middle and upper-management at Carrols started as team members. They now work in departments such as:

  • Multi-Unit Supervision
  • Regional Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Training
  • Point-of-Sales
  • Information Technology
  • Real Estate

There is a clearly defined career path with Carrols, from Team Member to Shift Supervisor to Assistant Manager to Restaurant General Manager. Carrols offers a number of different advancement opportunities for its Restaurant General Managers. The District Manager position is the most common next step. This position is responsible for overseeing the operations of multiple restaurants.

Carrols offers opportunities to everyone: people just entering the workforce to people re-entering the workforce, people with disabilities... people seeking just a few hours of work per week and those seeking full-time positions.

"At Carrols it's not just another job it's a Career"

Equal Opportunity Employer
Pre-employment Drug Testing Required

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