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    Du Chun Exploration hand catch, bow saw, but it is a sort of token, just Sumeru bag and his two successful token piece composed. Long while, Qu Hou said: pending when you practice God of late, Timberland Shoes promise of opportunity that field is unavoidable. When he finished, he turned to leave. Magic Valley blight that Gui female students, that mud altar, and how you rhetoric ? Du Chun Hou Qu looked back, suddenly said. Old, outlet go dry Magic Valley, even into them, they see the altar in the mud where the seal with a powerful, but in the end I do not know where the seal is.

    The silence of the night, leaving only one person alone Du Chun sit under a peach tree. I do not know how long, old ghosts suddenly pour out now, looking at the Du Chun said: This man certainly had that magic fairy products conspiracy Timberland Boots left ! Repair of this man more than God, but why such a magic fairy products for a dwelling in which Xuanyin in ? Ghost condensate is now out, looking suspiciously, in the case said. Old ghosts looked deep Du Chun one, suddenly said: Du Chun, outlet that magic fairy products, although not very surprising, but do not understand where it has a outlet secret all these years, too faint with outlet guess, now but can not say to you, you need to repair false Dan was, before referring to the magic of that place !